Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Time for Fun

so today i was home sick.... yea fun right?
ok so anyways i came home after 1st period and basically laid in my bed trying to get some rest...like that happened hah
ok but yea i was in bed couldnt sleep so i reached into my bag and started playing Pokemon.
well lotta good that did seeing that i finished the game almost 2 days of playtime ago (i have 72+ hours of play logged there yea ima nerd haha) so i didnt know what to do.
i dug under ground for infy hours it seemed (more like 10 min) got infy stones and infy spheres then decided to say screw it and i saved and turned off the game.
now what? i thought.....then it hit me litterally my rubik's cube hit my head after it fell.
luckilly it fell on the flat side and not a corner haha.
i started scrambling it and finishing it and scrambling it then finishing it.
timing myself each time. so far the fastest i got was 45.82 sec(errata 38.39 sec as of 12:21 am)
then i realized i could prolly get a faster time if the cube wasnt in a piece of crap condition......
maybe i could get a new one (hint hint nudge nudge) haha.
well anyways enough of that oh 2 sundays ago i went to see Rent with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal in it.
it was AMAZING i wish there was a way i could audition for the musical somewhere somehow someway.
haha and last weekend i was out all night drafting with my friends at denny's til like 3 in the morning. that was hella fun we had tha most amazing waitress who was well focused on us and only us no other tables. oh did i mention they put us in the back conferance room so that no one would bother us. haha it was a cube draft (the best 445 cards in magic of each color and color combination) if you were wondering i drafted GBu Control Reanimator with Survival of the fittest, kaiga, Debtor's Knell, and multiple other amazing creatures(the guy to my right hate drafted my Recuring nightmare pissed me off -_-x) but anyways all my games took over an hour even though it should only take 15 min haha. enough of the draft though at denny's 3 amazing things happened
1) i at Pancake Poppers, Pancake dough in a ball covered in cinnamon that you can dip in syrup (greatest food ever) yall should try it.
2) around 2 in the morning i looked out the window and saw 2 guys argueing. but tha wierdest thing was that they were arguing in Sign Language, oh and one of the guys had only one arm it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen. oh then the one armed man got in a car and drove off (i was scared shitless when he peeled out....)i will dub this the "One Armed Arguement".
3) the room we were in had a t.v. and an orange tape sticking out of it.... originally when we walked in i was joking around saying it was the Ring's tape. i went to look just after the "One Armed Arguement" took place and low and behold it was Ren and Stimpy ^_^ i was liek F*** YEA!!!! not only was it Ren and Stimpy it was "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" the best episode that is out there.
Those things just made my weekend. hopefully we can draft there again this fri/sat
well im outta stuff to say for the time being.

Stay Smiling

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