Thursday, February 5, 2009

A time to vent.

it has come to my attenetion that certian people in my life are no more than hinderances.
for example my skipper (Tim) claims that i am "disrespectful to him" and that i have "pushed all his buttons"
if leading by the book and by moral standards is disrespectful then kill me and dump my body in the ocean.
i see the only disrespect fuming from anywhere in the ship is from that low-down-son-of-a-bitch skipper that leads like hes a 5 year old.
his way of leading is yell, yell, yell, point fingers, yell, ignore you, then claim to be listening but in reality is completely ignoring every thing you say wheather for the betterment of him or the ship it is irrelivant to him.
for background information Timothy Martin has no son or daughter in the ship. he claims to be spending hours and hours on end responding to my "disrespectful" emails and dealing with ship business. he has expressed NUMEROUS times to me the ship and the adults in the ship that saids ship is to taxing on his family life and that the ship is a "nightmare".
if he believes its a nightmare then please explain to my why the fuck he even stays around!!!!! the ammount of times i have disrespected him numbers in the ZERO's. if you don't get that i will say it again
his idiocy is driving me insane. the next time that he says "do you know how much time i spend on this ship?" ima scream into his face FUCK YOU LEAVE IF YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO LEAD!!!!!
thanks fer reading my rants sorry if i offended anyone reading these i just had to vent.

Stay smiling.

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